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It is with pride and compassion that we present a full-service funeral home and crematory for local families. We aim to serve with professionalism and a commitment to excellence during this challenging time in your life. We are heralded for being a reliable funeral service in Nanaimo. BC. Our goal is to remain an integral part of the community while assisting families with their needs.

We have established a high set of standards to make sure all families are treated with care, respect, and warmth. Whether it’s personalizing specific details or learning more about the different options, our team is more than happy to assist. We realize the difficulty of this situation and how important it is to make the appropriate arrangements without making a mistake. To ensure our clients feel comfortable, we’re more than ready to go through each step during this process.

We have dedicated years on understanding the nuances of funeral arrangements and wish to provide this experience to all families. Our staff offers immediate access to top-tier casket choices, funeral directors, and funeral flowers to customize each detail. We pride ourselves in allowing families to meet their requirements. Each service is personalized based on your needs including church services, cremations, burials, and memorials. Our goal is to make sure the most appropriate solution is found to deal with your loss.

To get started, we hope the information on our site is a wonderful way to learn more about upcoming services and/or funeral arrangements.

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Pre-Plan Funeral

Pre-Plan Funeral

Upon learning about the loss of a loved one, there’s an overbearing sense of concern and grief. It’s difficult to go through each step, prepare for a funeral, and make sure everything is according to your expectations. By pre-planning the funeral, it’s easier to customize each detail and take this stress off of your loved ones’ shoulders beforehand.

Unique Offerings

Unique Offerings

Each individual has uniquely led their life and this has to be appropriately acknowledged through the funeral arrangements. Whether this is about their personality, life choices or their relationship with you, it’s important to respect those details. Recognizing and appreciating this uniqueness is an essential component to respecting their life.

Funeral Services

Funeral Services

Celebrating the person’s life through a funeral or memorial service can be empowering and great for healing. It may seem simpler to avoid moving ahead with an all-encompassing funeral or memorial service. This may appear to be a wonderful way to save money and move forward in a cost-efficient manner. We are to provide an affordable, easy to understand solution to families while dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Honest and Dependable Nanaimo Funeral Home

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is challenging and it also comes along with a long list of decisions. These decisions have to be made within a shortened timeline. To avoid making the wrong choices or not getting what you need, we are ready to offer guidance from day one.

We have worked with families and continue to provide a well-rounded set of services to those in need. We want to make sure the experience is in line with your expectations.

Allow us to help with the stress as you grieve for your loved one. Our goal is to ensure families can celebrate their loved one.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Nanaimo Funeral Services

This process brings along with a long list of questions and it’s important to have the right answers in hand. Here are some of the most common questions asked when it comes to funerals, funeral homes, or funeral services.

What is a funeral?

A funeral refers to a dedicated ceremony to respect and celebrate a loved one’s life. It’s a way to family and friends to get together and appreciate what that person meant to them and it also allows a way to grieve. The funeral is commonly regarded as a way to move forward and heal while recognizing the individual’s role in everyone’s life.

What type of service should I have?

This is a personal question with personal answers. Each situation has a customized set of requirements and these can only come together when both parties sit together. The goal is to make sure each detail is in line with the family’s expectations whether it’s a burial or a cremation. We also understand the importance of a religious service and will always respect the family’s wishes. Our staff can assist with specific features, invitations, scheduling details, and how the funeral service unfolds. With a memorial service, the body is present, but these details will vary from ceremony to ceremony.

Can I personalize my funeral service?

Yes, personalizing a funeral is always possible. In the end, funerals are all about celebrating the loved one’s life. Our staff will go through all of the potential options for your funeral before customizing each detail. To learn more about what we have to offer, feel free to call in and speak to a trusted funeral director.

Why should we have a public viewing?

This is often dependent on what family and friends require. In certain cultural/ethnic traditions, public viewing is mandatory and those wishes are managed with the help of our staff. To ensure this process goes ahead smoothly, we discuss all important details in advance concerning potential public viewings.

Why do we need an obituary notice?

An obituary notice is useful when it comes to announcing the death and type of service. This notice can be set up through a local news outlet or through social media depending on what’s required.

What do funeral directors do?

Funeral directors are trained professionals with years of experience in caregiving and administration. For administrative purposes, a funeral director can provide personalized transportation of the body, complete important paperwork, and customize how the service takes place once it is underway. For caregiving purposes, the funeral director lends a listening ear, provides guidance, and remains a stable presence throughout the process. These professionals understand the nuances of grieving and are trained to offer assistance every step of the way. This includes offering professional assistance and/or sources to family members.

What should I do if the death occurs in the middle of the night or on the weekend?

Whether the death occurs in the middle of the night or on the week, we are always available. Our staff will be more than happy to pick up the phone at any time of the day. We are a 24/7 service and can be reached at 000-000-0000. For immediate assistance, we can have a professional to your doorstep in less than 60 minutes. We will make sure everything goes to plan and is in line with your expectations.